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Welcome to Warriors Cats Role Play!

\\ W E L C O M E . T O . W C R P //
This site is a role play based on the Warriors saga by Erin Hunter. On this site you can role play Clan cats from the five Clans of the forest, rogues, loners, alleycats, or kittypets from the small or large Twolegplace.
\\ P L A C E S . T O . V I S I T //
All new members must read the rules and FAQs.
If you are new and need help getting started
Check out the map of the forest where the Clans live!
Learn about the Clans in the forest!
Create your own cat on the Create-A-Cat page!
Go to the Adoption Center to adopt existing characters.
Take the test to become a medicine cat.
LeafClan ...
Current plot?
DarkClan ...
What's the news on WC?
WaterClan ...
Ready to create a character?
MoonClan ...
Rather adopt?
\\ Clan of the Staff Members //


\\ L E A D E R S //

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\\ D E P U T I E S //
aka the Administrators

\\ W A R R I O R S //
aka the Moderators
\\ A P P R E N T I C E S //
aka the Writers


Warriors Cats Role Play

\\ Sister Sites //

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© This site was created October 22, 2007 by Awaiting_Abyss.
© Warrior Cats belongs to Erin Hunter.
© The custom made graphics for the site were made by Awaiting_Abyss.
© Character images were found on deviantART and other various places.

Warriors Cats Role Play - Warriors Cats Role Play

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